How Your Microbiome Affects Your Health

how your gut microbiome affects your health

Within your digestive system there’s an amazing ecosystem known as the gut microbiome. Your gut microbiome is a diverse collection of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other single-celled organisms that live in your gastrointestinal tract. If you’re stuck in discomfort with the words ‘bacteria’ and ‘fungi’, then know that there can be both good…

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5 Benefits Of Living In Sync With Your Day-Night-Rhythm


Life is about rhythms. The sun rises and sets each day setting the stage for all other rhythms on earth. When humans inhale and exhale, it’s to a rhythm. The heart beats to the rhythm of a pulse circulating nutrients and air throughout the body.  Circadian rhythm, or day-night-rhythm, is the body’s internal 24 hour…

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There’s More To Breathing Than You Might Think 

There's more to breathing than you might think

If you start to observe how you breathe, you might be surprised at what you discover. Think about whether you breathe through your nose or mouth. Consider how your shoulders, chest, or belly move when you inhale and exhale. Do you breathe slowly or quickly? Do you find you sigh or yawn often? These are…

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10 Health Benefits of Leafy Greens

As a teenager Dr. Brooke Goldner was diagnosed with Lupus and told she would never have children, and probably be paralysed by the time she turned 40. By adjusting her lifestyle, she began to see a change. One of the adjustments she made was to include a lot more leafy greens in her diet. Eventually, her…

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Are Milk Products Healthy?

are milk products healthy

A common question I am asked often is, “are milk products healthy?” This blog sheds light on this and proposes ways to enjoy them in healthy ways.  Milk products have been proposed to support bone strength, have high calcium, and are rumoured to promote weight loss. But, some dairy products on the market today are…

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Why Should You Detox?

why should you detox

Did you know that your body was designed to detox naturally? All your bodily systems and processes are wired to rid your body of anything harmful. Think about your digestive system, your clever gut microbiome, your skin, breathing in the fresh O2 and breathing out the CO2 and other toxins.  Everything about us is geared…

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5 Applications for an Immune System Deep Dive Test

Testing the immune system in depth is a completely different story to a simple blood count. You can have a perfectly normal blood count, that looks like this:   While your in depth test could show reds and imbalances on the same day:   This is because the immune system is much more wonderful and…

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Know your Gut Health

Your gastro-intestinal tract, which starts with your mouth, continues over a distance of around 9 metres, of coiled highly functional tubes up to your anus.  On the one end you eat and taste your food and on the other end let out clever quiet farts (and sometime embarrassing loud ones) and eliminate whatever food and…

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Your genes and your immune system

Your DNA is like an instruction book. It contains the instructions for you to develop, function and grow. The instructions are made up of a varying sequence of four letters.  The four letters represent four amino acids – amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The instruction sequence with the four letters reminds me…

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Exercise and Resilience

As my alarm clock went off this at 5:30 morning, I immediately had to do some top notch positive self-talk to get over my bad-morning-moment and get motivated for my 6:00 swim training with a friend. Add to that, that today is Friday, and it has been a taxing week. By now I am ready…

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7 Supportive Supplements in Corona Prevention and Care

Here are some ideas of excellent supplements that could be helpful and protective, both as part of an infection-prevention-strategy and complimentary support if you do have a Corona-virus or any other respiratory virus infection The doses and supplements mentioned are for adults.  Many of them can also be used for children, but not all and…

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Meal timing and intermittent fasting

meal timing and intermittent fasting

We often talk about what we should and shouldn’t eat.  But in addition to the effects of what we eat on our health, when we eat has a major influence too. A team of researchers from Germany set out to find out more about the impact of meal timing on ageing and metabolic health. As…

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7 ways to boost your mood

1.  Day-night-rhythm Your day-night rhythm and light exposure is closely linked to your mood. Try to live in sync with natural day-night rhythms by reducing bright and blue-white light (including screens) use at night and getting some natural daylight or good blue-white light in the morning. (If you struggle a lot with seasonal affected disorder…

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Exercise and the Immune System

Exercise makes you strong, beautiful and agile.  How wonderful to add that it strengthens your immune system and boosts your resistance to disease. A team of researchers from Brazil, published a powerful article in the journal Clinical and Experimental Medicine on the immune system, respiratory viral infection and exercise.  They remind us that acute viral…

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