5 Benefits Of Living In Sync With Your Day-Night-Rhythm


Life is about rhythms. The sun rises and sets each day setting the stage for all other rhythms on earth. When humans inhale and exhale, it’s to a rhythm. The heart beats to the rhythm of a pulse circulating nutrients and air throughout the body. 

Circadian rhythm, or day-night-rhythm, is the body’s internal 24 hour biological clock. This natural cycle regulates sleep, as well as other physiological processes such as hormone release, body temperature, and metabolism. 

Getting in sync with your circadian rhythm can have positive effects on your health and well-being. So too, when the circadian rhythm is disrupted, it can have unwanted, negative effects on overall health.

A balanced life, and becoming in-sync with circadian rhythms can have the following benefits.

Improved Sleep

Your circadian rhythm is closely linked to your sleep-wake cycle, so getting in sync with your internal clock can lead to better quality sleep. This, in turn, can improve your mood, cognitive function, and overall health.

On the other hand, disruptions in the circadian rhythm can lead to insomnia or sleep apnea, which can affect mental and physical well-being.

Increased Energy And Motivation

Have you ever felt motivated simply because you have renewed energy and a sense of vitality?

When you’re in sync with your circadian rhythm, you’re more inclined to feel alert and energised throughout the day. When you eat well, and feel motivated you can experience a wonderful boost in productivity and your mood, which in turn boosts your sense of motivation too. 

Increased Muscular Strength

If you respect your daily rhythm, you can improve your general well-being in unexpected and unusual ways, such as your muscle health. 

Studies show that when you’re in-sync, you are likely to experience improved muscle strength. 

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Gut Health

Your gut microbiome forms a good portion of your digestive system. From the moment you see food, chew it, swallow it and then how it moves through the rest of your digestive tract is all part of the same system.

Your gut, or digestive tract, is filled with billions of microbiota -which are tiny bacteria, viruses, fungi and more. These tiny bugs aid your body’s natural processes such as mood regulation, fighting disease, breaking down nutrients and then distributing them to your various organs. 

When you eat according to your circadian rhythm, you give your gut health its best chance of working at the optimal level, which in turn results in an array of exceptional benefits. 


In some recent studies, it’s been discovered that having most of your food during the first part of the day works well with your built-in clocks. Also providing the best benefits in relation to blood sugar balance, energy, metabolism, weight management, inflammation and the immune system. 

If you eat the same food upon waking up in the morning, then again in the evening, it can affect your body differently. The food might energise you in the morning, and then contribute to weight gain and more inflammation in the evening.

Paying attention to  circadian rhythms when it comes to eating habits can change the game for your metabolism.

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