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1 out of 5 people suffer from chronic pain…


which deeply impacts their ability to
function and thrive in work and life

Hester Ladewig can share with your audiences powerful insights, strategies and tools to help them walk away from chronic pain


Hester Ladewig HP, is a respected naturopathic health practitioner with over twenty years of experience, qualified and previously registered as a Naturopathic Doctor in Switzerland and Germany, (Heilpraktikerin / Naturärztin) and registered as an Ethno-Medical Practitioner in South Africa. Hester suffered with chronic pain as a teen and worked with many chronic pain sufferers over her 20 years in the medical profession. Filled with compassion, she was determined to formulate a plan to address chronic pain that was accessible and could offer tools to bring about optimum results. In her consultations, her focus is to find the root cause of symptoms or disease-causing chronic pain which interferes with the quality of life. Hester is offering viable solutions.

Her mission is to positively affect others' health, vitality, and quality of life through consulting, teaching webinars, live talks and writing blogs and articles. She is an engaging and informative speaker for your next event.

Hester’s books: Strengthen Your Immune System and Boost Your Resistance to Disease. Coming in 2023: 12 Steps to Walk Away from Chronic Pain.

Hester is available to speak to medical associations / organizations / conferences, doctor’s groups, wellness, corporate HR, millennials and youth.

She is also available live and virtually for keynotes, seminars, workshops, podcasts, webinars, and lunch & learns

She covers topics like:


Understand Pain and Rewire Your Brain for Better Pain Relief


Food and Lifestyles Have the Power to Positively Influence Chronic Pain - Discover the Possibilities


Demystify Your Pain Supplements- Know Your Best Options for Optimum Results (Or… beyond pain drugs, what are your options for pain relief?)


Is Quality Sleep Eluding You? Surprising Solutions to Improve Your Slumber


What Does Your DNA Say? Discover Your Unique Biology That Impacts Your Strengths and Vulnerabilities


Even Young People are in Pain - Options and Tools to Feel Great Again

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Sample Show Ideas

  • How to Eat and Drink for Pain Relief

  • Using the Gut-Pain Connection to Your Advantage

  • How to Live In Sync with Your Built-In-Clock

  • Do Any Supplements Work for Pain Relief?

  • Proven Ways to Improve Sleep Quality
  • Breathing Advice: Do You Really Need It?

  • 5 Lessons I Have Iearned from My Patients' Healing Journeys and My Own

  • What to Do If Your Doctor Says 'That's Impossible' and Doesn't Support Your Healing Journey