Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Hester Ladewig is a health practitioner, qualified and previously registered as a Naturopathic Doctor in Switzerland and Germany (Heilpraktikerin / Naturärztin) and registered as an Ethno-Medical Practitioner in South Africa.

She has a passion for positively affecting others' health, vitality and quality of life. She achieves this by consulting, teaching via webinars, live talks and writing blogs and articles.

Hester consults from Melkbosstrand, South Africa, and occasionally from Zurich, Switzerland. In her consultations she aims to find the root cause of symptoms or disease that is interfering with quality of life. She does this by taking thorough history and doing relevant testing.

Teaching via webinars and live talks is something she enjoys. She has presented talks on health-related topics in various countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and South Africa.



Life is a gift. Live it in abundance, to the full. Be the best you can be.

Listen to your body. Don't ignore the alarm signals. Don't fear disease, but respect disease.

Listen and learn. Change what you can. Accept what you can't.

Remember you are an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition, lifestyle or medicine.

Eat well - Move often - Have fun.

Take breaks - Sleep well - Take care of your relationships.


Invest consciously in your health with an attitude of gratitude.



Please note:
We are open for consultations.
If you would like to book a consultation please email or call/message us at:
info@embracelife.co.za | (+27) 0767610740
We will respond to you as soon as possible.
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During a first consultation the goal is to get as much of a complete picture of the person`s health as possible. This is done by first thoroughly going through the medical history.



A great variety of tests are used when needed to find underlying imbalances. Tests can also be used to assess individual needs related to micro-nutrients, food and even lifestyle related factors such as sleep and exercise.



Seminars on exciting health topics are presented from time to time, such as the immune system vs colds and flu, cholesterol, kids health, chronic pain and food adventures.


Email: info@embracelife.co.za
Tel/Whatsapp: 079 761 0740


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