3 Week Embrace Life with Hester
Detox Course

Would you like to have more energy, better quality sleep and clearer thinking? Do you want to boost your immune system, support your hormone balance and have better focus? Then this course is for you. You can jumpstart your health with this three-week detox course.

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So, why do a detox course?

Your body constantly produces energy. With energy production comes by-products that need to be detoxified. It can be compared to a car running on fuel for energy and then producing exhaust fumes that need to leave the car. Even if you did not take in any junk from the outside world – which we all do! - you would still need a clean-up. If you don`t, the toxins interfere with how your body works. On top of what we produce as by-products, we are all exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, food we eat, products we use on our skin and in our home. We all have plenty to detoxify.

On top of energy production, your body is in a constant state of replacement and renewal. It is easy to see this when you look at hair and nails: you cut the older bits off and they just keep on growing seemingly out of the blue. In the same way you have a turnover of most of the cells in your body over 7-10 years. Scientist are digging in and discovering more on the intrigues of this body-renewal process and are learning that we renew much more than was previously thought. We know that we shed old skin cells and grow new skin all the time, replace all our red blood cells with new ones in a space of 2-3 months, regularly dispose of old white blood cells (immune system cells) and welcome brand new ones to replace them in our bodies, have a super-quick renewal of the intestinal lining, replace old lining cells of the blood vessels with new ones and so much more.

Even in our bones, heart and brain aged cells are constantly being replaced with new-born ones. This development of new nerve cells in the brain is essential for our brains to work right. As an example in the average adult, in one part of the brain called the Hippocampus, there are around 700 new nerve cells made every day. Imagine how many cells are made in the whole brain and in our bodies. The brain turnover is even seen as slow.


What are all these new cells made of?
Where do they get their building blocks?
What are you providing as building blocks?

This renewal is an opportunity to incorporate top quality fuel, thoughts and habits into ourselves every day.  Whether you have been putting in conscious effort for a long time and just want to tweak things to be even better for the long run, or whether you have been in a space of neglect and want to turn things around, you have a chance to start doing so today.  Remember there are new cells every day and over a period of weeks, months and years those cells replace entire organ systems.

In this course, Hester will guide you through 3 weeks of a health reboot during which you will go through a gentle detox, get to know every day health habits to build into your life, and she will send you off with your next steps and practical tips to stay on track with your health goals after the 3 weeks is completed.


This reboot course is for you if…


You would like to greatly improve your energy, mental clarity and wellbeing


Taking steps towards better health is important to you


You are interested in going through a transformational experience with your health


You feel stuck with your current lifestyle or health challenges and want them to change


Living life as an adventure and being the best you can be is important to you

The group size is limited, so Hester can pay attention to individual differences and needs.

What you can expect:


Four dynamic live sessions in three weeks.
One at the start of every week and a final one at the end of the three weeks.


A small interactive group with a secure group chat as support.


Food ideas, supplement ideas and supportive information for every budget.


A transformational experience as you come into a new state of health.

Places are limited, so book now to reserve your spot on the next course.

What people have to say
about our courses

Hester's detox course was a wonderful way for me to kick-start my body into a healthier way of living. The course was delivered in an easy to understand way with throughout communication. I really enjoyed that I didn't have to think about what I should eat and when because Hester provided us with everything we needed to know. After the course I implemented many of the ideas Hester shared with us. I will definitely be doing this course with Hester regularly.


I enjoyed the challenge. Feeling light on my feet and energized.


I have more energy, need less sleep and wake up refreshed.


I liked the fact that we had to commit to eating well and I was able to learn a bit more about my body and digestive system... what foods are good and what is not good for me. Hester is very knowledgeable and shows passion for what she does and helping others achieve their goals. I have learned a lot in the live sessions.


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