5 Applications for an Immune System Deep Dive Test

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Testing the immune system in depth is a completely different story to a simple blood count.

You can have a perfectly normal blood count, that looks like this:


While your in depth test could show reds and imbalances on the same day:


This is because the immune system is much more wonderful and complex than the simple blood counts we are often limited to.


There are many applications for a deep dive immune system test.

Here are 5 of them:


  1. Joint pain and arthritis


Joyce Lübbers and research team from the University Medical Centers in Amsterdam showed how changes can be seen in the immune system 1-2 years prior to developing arthritis.  We often limit ourselves to thinking joint pain must be due to some mechanic error or simply wear and tear and here we see that the immune system is extremely relevant.  The shifts in the immune system over time is highly significant. You need to look after your immune system consistently in order to prevent these shifts. The odd vitamin C supplementation from time to time is not the solution.


  1. Eczema and skin inflammation


Feeling comfortable in your own skin in a literal sense is a luxury those with eczema and skin inflammation wish for.  There are many causative factors when it comes to inflammatory skin diseases. The word inflammation in itself should be a clue that the immune system is highly relevant in inflammatory skin conditions and eczema.  A deep dive into immune system testing can often give clues as to what could be helpful in healing and to track progress together with actual results.


  1. Repeated urinary tract infections


Urinary tract infections that keep on coming back are impacted by the immune system. Shifts in immune system cells can be seen in women prone to urinary tract infections even in times that they are infection free. Changing this susceptibility requires more than just treating the infection when they occur.  On top of restoring the microflora of the gut and in the case of women with recurring urinary tract infections, the vaginal flora, it is important to consistently look after the immune system.  Immune system testing could give clues as part of a long term treatment plan to help prevent urinary tract infections.


  1. Migraine headaches


Leonardo Biscetti and research team from Italy describe how a number of regular migraine headache sufferers show altered deep dive test immune system shifts both during migraine headache attacks and when they do not occur.  They explain how neuroinflammation is involved in migraine headaches. Again, we have the inflammation-word as a clue that the immune system is involved.


  1. Cancer risk


Numerous studies show links between your immune system and your cancer risk.  The standard blood count often does not show the fine imbalances that would give an early warning that the immune system is not functioning optimally.  Cancer incidence is on the increase and looking after your immune system is a positive and powerful way you can influence your risk. If you have done a deep dive immune system test your results shows many reds, don’t panic. Just keep at it and follow-up until it shifts. Have a look at Shedding Light on Cancer for encouragement on an otherwise tough topic:

Shedding light on cancer – incl. 10 easy to follow tips

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