5 Fun Things To Do That Boost Your Health

5 Fun Things To Do That Boost Your Health

Did you know that embracing life in a fun way has the potential to boost your health and wellness? 

Life is a gift. When you seek out the things that energise you, and bring meaning to your life, you might be surprised at how some of them end up boosting your health in some way or another. 

Take a look at the ideas below, and allow yourself to linger on the idea that fun things, beyond medicine, have the power to boost your health: 

1. Build A Puzzle

Working on a puzzle can be a relaxing activity that also gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. When you are relaxed it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.. Depending on how large the puzzle is, building one can require serious concentration as you look for the different connection points on each tile. So, you can have fun, calm the stress and anxiety hormones and similar brain messengers, while you exercise your cognitive function!  What a great thing to do.

2. Go For A Walk With A Friend

Social connection is so important to your health, that there are even research papers out there, such as the one from James Lubben from the School of Social Work at Boston College in Massachusetts, titled as “Addressing Social Isolation as a Potent Killer!”  The title says it all. 

We are made for social connection.  It is woven into our core needs. And you can be sure that your immune system and overall health responds to how you act on that need.

When you spend time with friends, this need is fulfilled. Walking with a friend is a double bonus. Walking is a low-impact exercise and helps to improve cardiovascular health, bone health, your immune system,  and boost your physical fitness to give you more energy in everyday life.  Do it with a friend and have fun!

3. Watch A Funny Movie

Laughter can add to your much needed dose of endorphin release, which can offer a form of natural painkillers too. Laughing helps to reduce stress, promote positive feelings and a greater sense of wellbeing. Watching a funny movie, sitcom or your favourite comedian can give you this healthy dose of fun, lightheartedness and general happy feeling. What an enjoyable way to boost your health.

4. Play On A Jungle Gym

I once shared a practice room with a well respected medical specialist. She had a postcard displayed that said: “I’ve had enough. I am going swinging!” On it was the coolest picture of a lady, advanced in age, exuberant and happy on a swing.  That left an impression on me. I loved the lightness of it. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your body moving, improve your cardiovascular health, strength, improve coordination and balance and boost your mood… then playing on a jungle gym is the thing to do!

It’s a fun and engaging way to boost mental and physical health, while also creating a few laughs and fun as you go. 

5. Play A Board Game With A Friend

Once again, we have social connection and cognitive practice all in one. So much fun and so wonderful!

Playing board games with a friend or with a group can be entertaining, help to relieve stress, boost your mood and improve your memory, decision-making, problem solving and cognitive function. 

Socialising with others also provides an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of connection with others, reduce negative emotions and a means to relax and unwind. 

Some of the other health-boosting activities to try include dancing, hiking, gardening or playing a sport you enjoy. Most of all, find new ways to have fun, embrace life and enjoy improved physical, mental and emotional health. 

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