Embrace Life: Daily Choices That Can Improve Your Well-being

Embrace Life: Daily Choices That Can Improve Your Well-being

Consider your thinking when it comes to health. Do you find yourself focusing more on the ‘why nots’ in terms of food instead of on the benefits of positive choices? For example, maybe you’ve been asking yourself ‘why is sugar so bad?’ instead of ‘what types of food could I eat that will truly nourish my body?’ Your positive health choices do not only affect you, but they affect your family, household, and the environment around you. Are you looking for simple, daily choices that can change your health and life? Read on for some ideas. 

In a previous blog, I wrote about the importance of detoxing. We are surrounded by pollution and toxicity. I mentioned how the immunity of polar bears and penguins in the Antarctic is negatively affected by toxins and the same goes for you. Even though the scope of the problem is so profound,   your daily choices can have a significant positive or negative impact. This is empowering. By becoming aware of your own contribution to the problem and acting on that, you can improve your own health and that of the environment.  You benefit by having more energy, less pain and inflammation, and enjoying a life of vitality while doing your bit to improve life in the oceans and on the planet.

The choices that can improve your well-being are often simple. Either you choose what’s convenient, no matter the consequences or you can be selective and conscious about what comes through your front door. Either one, is a choice.

Let’s explore a few ideas and choices that can improve your well-being. You have the beauty of choice every day, and it’s never too late to begin.

1. Source organic and locally produced food

Some of the food and packaging found on the shelves of your local supermarket might not be as perfect as they may seem. Food is produced and presented to look good and tasty, and to sell well.  Your health is not at the top of the food industry`s list of priorities. You need to make your own good choices. 

If you dig a little deeper to find out more about the food you buy regularly, you might discover some unwanted fiddling with what you thought was natural, real and good food. 

You find the regular use of pesticides, genetic modification of your food, and the addition of food additives to make your food last longer, look prettier, taste sweeter and have a more intense taste.  Often additives are used to bulk up high quality food with cheaper constituents, such as corn starch being mixed into yoghurt. Sadly, on top of that, the meat and dairy industries have moved away from organic and humane farming practices to keep up with demands. 

It is, however, mostly possible to find local organic sources that operate with health and sustainability in mind. Lessen your use of plastics and packaging as much as you can, and explore how the food you eat is sourced and produced. It’s empowering and fun to find out the truth about where your food comes from and then choose positively for yourself, your family, and the environment. 

2. Get in tune with daily rhythms

Studies show that blue light exposure at night, through devices such as cell phones,can increase cancer risk. Read more about the effects of light and circadian rhythms in my eBook

You can greatly impact your health if you choose to remove blue light from your evening routine. As the day ends, your body starts to prepare for rest and then sleep. The blue lights on many of the devices you might be using each day send signals to your brain, telling you to wake up. If you reduce this exposure, especially in the evenings, you are likely to improve your sleep and ability to rest at night – which is one of the pillars of good health. On top of improved sleep quality, you will add a multitude of health benefits from improved immunity to better blood sugar control and brain health. 

Besides light exposure, meal timing also impacts your daily rhythms. You can improve energy levels and manage weight easier by eating foods in line with your natural body rhythms. Pay attention to your meal timing

3. Exercise and move often 

If you could put the benefits of regular movement and exercise into a pill, it would probably become the world-wide best-selling-drug overnight. But you can`t.  You actually have to move your body.  At least you always have your body with you and for most of us, moving it is for free. Of course, you can spend a lot on exercise and some need support with movement, but for most people, getting started can be easy and cost-free.

With regular exercise, whether walking, running, playing tennis, swimming, surfing, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, strength training, dancing or other forms you enjoy, you can naturally boost your immune system. (Read more about the benefits of exercise for your immune system in my book. Regular exercise and movement is what you need and not over-exercising. Over-exercising can be harmful.) 

Just to name a few of the multitude of benefits of regular exercise and movement: exercise can improve circulation, support weight management, help relieve aches and pains,  help boost mood and may promote good rest and sleep. 

4. Food for the soul

Feeling good is about more than the food you eat and the exercise you do. Find things that you enjoy doing and then take time to do them. Creative outlets such as pottery, singing, reading, writing, art classes, playing an instrument, hiking, and surfing  help to move your mind, emotions, and body away from a state of  anxiety and stress to clarity and calm.

When you choose to do something good for your soul, your body releases hormones that can make you feel good. When you feel good,  it’s easier to handle the challenges of everyday life. You become more resilient.

5. Breathe

Did you know that when you’re stressed or anxious, your breathing shallows? Become aware of your breathing, how often you hold your breath or limit your breathing.  Do you breathe through your mouth or your nose? 

Breathing has an immediate impact on your nervous system and your health. If you learn to breathe well it has both a positive immediate and a health-enhancing long term effect. 

Simple daily choices to be more mindful of your environment, become aware of your own breathing,  and living with an attitude of gratitude can increase your well-being. 

Take one more step for your life and health – Embrace Life!

If you’re stuck with your health challenges, with chronic pain  or other health concerns, then consider taking part in my three-week detox course. Taking this one positive step and learning more about your health could help you to get unstuck with your health challenges.

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