Why Should You Detox?

why should you detox

Did you know that your body was designed to detox naturally? All your bodily systems and processes are wired to rid your body of anything harmful. Think about your digestive system, your clever gut microbiome, your skin, breathing in the fresh O2 and breathing out the CO2 and other toxins. 

Everything about us is geared toward wellness, the problems come in when we have an overload of stuff that can put extra strain and pressure on our bodies. The build-up of unwanted toxins can cause health issues and slow us down due to overload.

Our exposure to toxins 

Polar bears and penguins living in the Antarctic are struggling with the pollution from around the world. When plastic breaks down into little bits, studies have found that these animals have changes in their immune systems because of the pollution. If they are exposed to this amount of damage then so are we. 

Pollution is all over the place in all its many different forms – air and water pollution, landfills, and even the way food is produced. It’s alarming, the number of harmful food processes, chemicals, additives, preservatives, and more we don’t always see when filling our shopping carts. The list of ingredients on the food packaging has doubled, tripled, and become out of hand compared to what it used to be. 

Mass production, the demand of humankind, fast living, the overuse of packaging, greed, and so many more reasons are costing us in wellness and can be causing disease. 

We do, however, have the incredible capability to make small changes that can make a big difference to health – small changes that go a long way. The more you impact your own environment and what you ingest, the better for you and the world around you. 

With the right knowledge and tools, becoming conscious of what goes in and out of your body can change your life.

So, what’s a solution for living a life of vitality?

Your detox system is like a funnel. If the funnel gets blocked up with all the wrong things consistently, it can cause issues and inflammation. If the funnel is clear, then whatever comes in will easily slip out and there won’t be any backup causing unwanted symptoms or reactions. 

Living with vitality can begin with simple steps, and it is a lifelong journey, so take the pressure off.   

Some steps to try to get your body funnel flowing 

Start with these three ideas which can support your body in its natural detoxing process:

  1. Drink water: drinking fluids can aid in the removal of body waste. Aim for 2-3 litres per day to flush your system.
  2. Eat excellent foods: leafy greens, berries, and fresh produce are incredible antioxidants – which mop up toxins and help your body to expel them. 
  3. Chew your food and avoid eating with screens: when you eat without scrolling on a blue light screen and you pay attention to chewing and enjoying your food, studies have shown your digestive system responds well.

For more info on how light, screens and other lifestyle rhythms affect your health, download my eBook Five Lifestyle Hacks Which Can Radically Improve Your Health

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