Breakfast Idea: Delicious Shredded Leafy Greens With Eggs

Breakfast Idea Delicious Shredded Leafy Greens With Eggs

Build a delicious leafy greens breakfast to boost your cognitive function, improve your mood, immune system and gut health, among many other wonderful benefits.  This is one of my favourites. The texture of the greens is a delicious bed for the eggs, and when the yolk runs, it has somewhere to go when there’s no bread on your plate. 

Enjoy this carb-free, crunchy, wholesome and delicious breakfast as a staple in your breakfast options.  


Two big handfuls of dark, young leafy greens you enjoy (some ideas are collard greens, microgreens, swiss chard and bok choy)

2 eggs, poached or scrambled

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Drizzle of olive oil

Optional flavours to add to your breakfast:

Finely chopped basil, coriander, oregano (fresh or dried). 


  1. Chop the leafy greens finely so they are shredded for a yummy texture.
  2. Mix in your finely chopped optional flavour greens.
  3. Add your eggs, roasted pumpkin seeds and olive oil on top.
  4. Enjoy, and feel fantastic! 

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