Simple Spring Clean to detox your body

Spring is a great time to reassess and eliminate some of those bad winter habits that may have snuck in over the last few months. Spring clean your health by doing a simple mini-detox; put some good habits in place for 2 weeks to assist in a better feeling of health and longevity.

You will find that some of these new “detox measures“ will become lasting habits and lifestyle changes.

Here’s your recipe to a better quality of life all round:

  1. Start your day with some lemon and ginger tea, or a herbal detox tea, such as Pukka Cleanse or a Dandelion tea.
  2. Have at least 7 portions of different fruit and vegetables every day.  Maximum of 3 portions of fruit, all of the rest need to be vegetables.
  3. Go without the processed white stuff:
    No sugar, white rice, maize/mieliepap or white flour (even “wholegrain“ and “low GI“ bread contain the bad stuff – read the label!
  4. Have a maximum of 2 fabulous coffees or Ceylon teas a day to limit caffeine intake. No sweeteners!
  5. Move every day – walk, run, stretch, play beach bats, play catch with the kids, jump on the trampoline, swim, dance, surf, hike….

Take a detox booster shot once a day for 2 weeks – mix in a shot glass:

½ teaspoon coconut oil
15ml hot water
Honey to taste (half a teaspoon or more)
Lemon juice – use the juice of half a lemon
½ teaspoon Vitamin C powder
Cayenne – such as Good life organics cayenne or chilli powder

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