7 ways to increase glutathione levels naturally

7 ways to increase glutathione levels naturally


Glutathione is one of the most powerful health enhancing tools you produce in your own body. With lifestyle habits you can either increase this production or deplete it.


You need glutathione for your immune system to be the superpower it can be. On top of that, glutathione helps to balance inflammatory reactions, supports detoxification and aids in protection of cells, tissues and organs.


Here are 7 ways to boost glutathione naturally:


1. Eat a rainbow. Have plenty or real food and colourful food. Flavour your food with real herbs and spices, not ready-mixes. Look at every plate of food you eat. It should have much more colour than just shades of brown and white.


2. Have cruciferous veggies at least five times per week. These are your cabbage-family foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, tat soi, pak choi, white cabbage, red cabbage, chinese cabbage, brussels sprouts and kale.


3. Include onion- and garlic-family foods daily to flavour your food.


4. Have sufficient top quality protein daily. Amino-acids are the building blocks of proteins and the building-blocks of glutathione. Top quality protein includes pasture reared animal products, such as meat, poultry and eggs and plant based proteins. Meat replacement products, such as soya sausages and other products of industry are not top quality plant based proteins. Real vegetables and seeds with a high protein content counts as good plant based proteins. Wild caught sustainably sourced fish can be included into your protein intake.


5. Nuts and seeds high in zinc and selenium can increase glutathione, such as brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds.


6. Prioritise getting enough sleep even if it can be challenging at times. One idea if you know you go to bed a little late is to start going to bed 30 minutes earlier every night for the next week. If you have the opportunity to nap and you don’t get enough sleep at night, nap early in the day to catch-up on what you missed out on at night. Or take longer naps on weekends.


7. Regular exercise can boost glutathione levels. If you are not exercising at the moment, start gradually and start this week! Get help you can’t exercise on your own due to pain or other reasons.


We are all individuals. If you read this and think “but I can’t have onions, they bloat me,” then don’t have onions. Have other any of the other wonderful foods to eat. If you are bloated from most of these foods nearly all the time, get support for your gut health from a functional medicine or natural health practitioner. The same goes if you can’t sleep or exercise without support. Get support.


There will definitely be at least some things on this list you can already start with TODAY!  Don’t wait. Make your to do list and shopping list and start boosting your glutathione levels.


Go out there and have fun. Embrace life.

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