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Save-MoneyLife in sunny South Africa is becoming more and more expensive at an alarming rate. Your favourite cottage cheese might suddenly be 50% more expensive than a month or 2 ago, camping gear 20-40% more expensive and even your supplements are suddenly increasing in price! We seem to be stuck between drought and politics and need to find a way to still survive and thrive in this challenging situation.

Unfortunately, you will also see some price increases during the next weeks and months at, mainly due to the exchange rate. We are committed as always to provide the best products at the best possible price. We always try to find a locally produced product before choosing the imported ones, because we believe this is best for the environment, our economy and more. However, we do find that – for the sake of stocking only the best quality products, free from unwanted extras and still wonderfully effective and functional – we have to source quite a few imported brands.

Investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make. Prevention is not only better than cure, it is mostly also cheaper than cure! We will help you with this investment by keeping to our principles of stocking only the best products for the best possible price we can find. If you do not agree that we are following these principles and think you know of a better or similar product for a better price, please let us know!

We will also via our newsletters and facebook give as many tips as possible to help you find more affordable ways to optimise your health. Here is an example:

Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate
Vitamin C can be taken in various forms. One very affordable way to take high dose vitamin C is taking pure Calcium Ascorbate crystals which is more cost effective than vitamin C pills. The downside of this is that you need bioflavonoids, the colourful (orange, yellow, red) substances in plants, to help with the absorption of vitamin C. In most high quality vitamin C supplements bioflavonoids are added to the supplement. Pure Calcium Ascorbate is pure
and buffered vitamin C with no added bioflavonoids. In order to ensure
excellent absorption you can add the powder to food with bioflavonoids in it: smoothies, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, yoghurt with berries, and more. That way you get your daily high dose vitamin C in a buffered form and it is well absorbed with bioflavonoids from your food. An added benefit is the motivation to have some healthy meals or snacks to add the vitamin C to!

Remember, this is just another challenge we are facing on our journey. We need to keep on finding creative solutions to these problems and carry on to embrace life!


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