Hormones and fats

hormones_nw2Most people think the only connection between hormones and fat is the fact that unbalanced hormones can make you fat. This is not true! When your hormones are not balanced – this goes for both men and women – one of the consequences could be that you struggle to loose weight. However, there is much more to hormones and fats than this.

Did you know… your hormones are made out of cholesterol? Your hormones are fatty. They must be fatty.This means that having either too much bad fat or too little good fat in your body is not good for your hormones. Imagine when eating your next packet of chips, how the fat particles from that food goes from your gut straight into your blood. Your heart pumps it through your entire body in no time at all and it gets used for energy production and wherever you need fat as building blocks. Fat is used as building block in all cell membranes, nerves and sexual- and stress-hormones!

Thankfully, the same happens with all the wonderful top quality fats you consume. Imagine the wonderful goodness of olive oil, hempseed oil, high quality egg yolks and awesome butter from grass-fed cows you are having being built into your body.

You really are what you eat and when it comes to animal products, you are what they eat!

Fats that can harm hormones:
• Standard cooking oils used to make crispy things like chips
• Bad fats from standard baked goods, such as mass produced breads and pastries
• Animal fats, including dairy, from non-grass-fed animals, including “free range” feedlot animals.
• Pork fat

Fats that can heal hormones:
• High quality oils, such as olive oil, hempseed oil, macadamia oil and pumpkinseed oil.
• Wonderful omega 3 fatty acids, from both flax oil and fish oil.
• Certain omega 6 fatty acids, such as those from evening primrose oil and borage oil. (This can be taken as a supplement, such as Solgar Super GLA/Starflower oil).
• Cooking fats: Coconut oil, Ghee and butter

Choose your fats wisely and feed your hormones with what they love.

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