Happy Gut: 7 steps to keep you regular

  1. Happy 2Fibre

Soaked Chia seeds added to smoothies or bircher muesli

Soaked linseeds added to smoothies or bircher muesli

Salads for lunch, vegetables for dinner

Add to salads raw grated: carrots, beetroot, apple, celery root or baby marrows


  1. Balanced gut flora

Avoid all refined sugar and flour

Avoid dairy and wheat

Use The Real Thing Pro-Probiotics daily


  1. Oils

Add a tablespoon of good oil to every meal of the day, for example:

Macadamia oil or Hempseed oil to your breakfast muesli or smoothie

Olive oil or Walnut oil to your salad at lunchtime

Olive oil, flaxseed oil or hempseed oil over your vegetables at dinner

Have lots of avocados when in season

Use your Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements daily


  1. Exercise/Movement

Do some light and enjoyable exercise every day.

Take the stairs and not the lift or escalators whenever you can.

Walk around the block if you have been sitting too much.


  1. Magnesium

Take Magnesium in either a Magnesium supplement form, such as:

Mineralife Magnesium or VRP Opti-Mag

Add to that: Gaia Magnesium Peroxide whenever needed.


  1. Water

Drink 2-3 liters of water or herbal tea daily between meals.


  1. Laugh & Relax

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