Bladder infection – beyond antibiotics

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Bladder infection, for some, is a very familiar and uncomfortable part of life. Sometimes it comes and goes from time to time for a year or longer. Sometimes it lingers. The symptoms vary from an “it burns when I pee” feeling; to nausea, stomach ache and back pain, when the kidneys are already suffering with the bladder. The prescribed treatment in virtually all cases: Antibiotics!

For a small number of very serious cases, antibiotics could be the best treatment, and is truly miracle medicine. However, there are 2 big problems with taking antibiotics for bladder infections:

  1. Antibiotic resistance is on the rise: the overuse of antibiotics is causing the antibiotics to become ineffective. The infection causing bugs are learning how to side-step the attack by the antibiotics. If you do ever get an infection that is so serious that you need antibiotics to save your life, you don`t want the bugs to be able to beat the medicine.
  2. Antibiotics interfere with your defence against future bladder infections. In addition to attacking the ‘bad bugs’, antibiotics also attacks some of the ‘good bugs’ required in your body – influencing/damaging your immune system and gut flora. Both of which is required to prevent bladder infections from coming back.

If not antibiotics, then what? The best approach is not just to swap the antibiotics for one other “natural antibiotic”, but fight the infection while building up the defences for the future. This way you are not only healing a bladder infection, you are getting out of it in a better state of health than when it started.

Do this for at least 2 weeks:

  1. Strengthen the gut flora. (Click here to learn how.)
  2. Keep your feet warm
  3. Drink 2-3 litres of water, rooibos tea (no milk, no sugar) and herbal tea (dandelion, nettle tea) every day. Don`t be afraid to pee even if it hurts! You must rinse the kidney-bladder-system properly to get the infection out.
  4. Take D-Mannose. This is the actual sugar in cranberries that helps to fight the bladder infection. Take more if you have an acute infection, less if the infection has almost healed. Take one dose daily for at least a week after the infection has cleared.
  5. Take a powerful natural antibiotic, such as Olive leaf extract, Golden seal root or if you have access to it: “Notakehl”.
  6. Do a urinstix test to keep a close eye on the infection and see that it turns around towards healing at least a day after starting this protocol. (Under supervision of a medical practitioner.)
  7. If you either have a chronic bladder infection or one that comes back very often, try to get some Urinstix to keep at home and check them weekly in the morning for any irregularities. If there is the slightest hint of an infection starting, start again with the whole protocol.

A very important note: If a bladder infection gets out of control the kidneys can suffer with the bladder and even get damaged. It is very important to always make sure a medical practitioner is keeping a close eye on the infection to see that it is healing and not getting out of hand.

In more than 10 years of following this protocol with patients I have only seen 2 cases where antibiotics were needed to clear the infection. In all the other cases, even some quite severe infections, it cleared without antibiotics.

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