Bircher Muesli

muesli with figsBircher muesli is a fabulous breakfast – great for the gut and keeps the blood sugar stable. It can be varied according to individual tastes and is easy to prepare. You can make a larger portion and keep in the fridge for two days’ breakfast or even use it as a packed lunch for work or school.


Rolled oats soaked in a little bit of water for 5 minutes or more

1 tablespoon of linseeds soaked overnight (or other seeds or nuts)

½-1 grated apple

Berries (fresh or defrosted)

Add any fruit in season (figs, peaches, nectarines, strawberries etc.)

Sour cream, crème fraiche or plain greek style yoghurt

Mix it all together to make a delicious breakfast.



You can leave out the sour cream, crème fraiche or plain greek style yoghurt if you prefer. The soaked oats makes its own oat milk.


More tasty ingredients:



Raw or dry roasted nuts (almonds, pecan, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts or walnuts)

If you need more oil you could add coconut oil or macadamia oil into the mix




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