7 habits that can boost your immune system when life gets busy


Here are 7 habits that can help your mind and mood and with that your immune system during busy times:

1. Get up earlier to catch-up on work, to-do lists or studies, rather than staying up late.

2. Choose a time where you will switch-off all screens before bed at night. Wind down without screens.

3. Have a bedtime routine. This can include breathing exercises, taking a bath, praying, journaling or doing some stretches. All of this in softer light or dimmed light.

4. Plan exercise into your busy routine. If you don’t feel you have enough time to exercise, at least go for a 15minute walk. Aim for three times a day, but if you only get to go once, that is already worth something.

5. Plan meal times and eat without looking at your phone or computer. You don’t sit and eat for a long time typically. Just take that short break.

6. If your super-busy phase is going to carry on for a long time, do something creative for 15 minutes a day. Play the piano, paint, garden, pretty-up an area in your home, draw, work on a DIY project. Just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your stress management and therefore your immune system.

7. Switch off your phone and your WIFI at night. If you need to keep the cellphone on as an emergency phone, switch data off and silence it except for your VIP numbers.  Don’t sleep with it next to your head.

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