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12 ways to strengthen the GUT FLORA

Your gut flora is the foundation of your immune system, it produces some of your most valuable micronutrients, it helps with digestion and supports detoxification!

1. Detoxify the gut

Simply put: junk feeds the bad guys and interferes with the happy lives of the good guys. Avoid bad foods, rather have wonderful foods from nature. Add a detoxification boost from time to time by taking some apple cider vinegar, humic acid or herbal fiberblend for 8 weeks.

2. Get the bad bugs out of the way

Mild but chronic parasitic, fungal, viral or bacterial infections might be interfering with the balance of the gut flora. Symptoms are mostly not as severe as with a typical “tummy bug”. However, it is a significant problem if gas, discomfort or any stool irregularities are a normal part of life. It certainly means that the balance between the good and bad guys is simply not right. Consider doing a parasite cleanse, using some antifungals (wild oregano oil) or using olive leaf to get rid of the bad guys.

3. Take probiotics for 2-3 months

Take a top quality probiotic to boost the good guys.

4. Eat fermented foods regularly.

One wonderful way to increase the good guys without always needing to take a probiotic is to have fermented foods regularly: Sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, kombucha, kefir, top quality fermented milk products – cheese and yoghurt (preferably from goats or sheep), and more.

5. Avoid sugar

This one is very simple: Sugar destroys the good gut flora and feeds fungus. There is no point in having a “live probiotic yoghurt” loaded with sugar and flavourants. In the same way, you cannot expect to take a super-candida-remedy and then feed the candida with sugar on a daily basis. Having sugar daily will interfere with the balance of the gut flora.

6. Go slow with fruit

Fruit can be very healthy, but we tend to have too much fruit and too little vegetables. Have what is in season and local (as far as possible), and have fruit during the day only.

7. Avoid all fruit juices

Fruit juices are very very sugary. The fruit-sugars in whole fruits are bound to fibre. In juices they are free to send the blood sugar up to drug-like-highs, while also messing with the gut flora the way sugar does. Don`t have diluted fruit juices either. The same rule applies. Eat fruit (in moderation). Drink water.

8. Avoid mainstream dairy and wheat

Dairy and wheat have a lot of potential to interfere with the function of the gut lining, unless you have access to very special high quality products. The gut lining is the home of the gut flora. If the home starts breaking down, the occupants won`t do very well either.

9. Go slow on sulphites/avoid them as far as possible
These sulphuric compounds are used to preserve wine, keep fruit juices brightly coloured and keep dried fruit from going brown. The problem is, they also feed a certain group of bacteria in the gut that will increase the toxic gas formation in the gut and cause havoc for the flora, gut lining and immune system.

10. Take a chill pill

If you are constantly stressed, you are damaging your gut flora. Learn to relax a little. We have become so addicted to screens – go screen free for an hour or 2 every night, or for a day every weekend or even for a week from time to time! Spend some time in nature. Be creative.

11. Have 3 meals a day

Have 3 colourful, highly nutritious and satiating meals a day. Eat enough, eat well, have fun with your food. This also means you will be giving your gut a break between meals. Give your gut time to digest, clean-up and relax. Don’t snack all the time and dont let it run on empty all the time.

12. Chew your food properly

For some, this is an automatic part of life. They just do it and they are good with it. For others, it might take a lot of discipline to develop this very good habit! Sit down for your meals and chew your food properly. Food that has not been chewed properly can be very hard to digest and in that way can mess with the balance of the gut flora. Chewing your food is part of enjoying it and also the first step of digestion.

Remember: Your gut flora is the foundation of your immune system, it produces some of your most valuable micronutrients, it helps with digestion and supports detoxification!


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