There’s More To Breathing Than You Might Think 

There's more to breathing than you might think

If you start to observe how you breathe, you might be surprised at what you discover. Think about whether you breathe through your nose or mouth. Consider how your shoulders, chest, or belly move when you inhale and exhale. Do you breathe slowly or quickly? Do you find you sigh or yawn often? These are…

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5 Applications for an Immune System Deep Dive Test

Testing the immune system in depth is a completely different story to a simple blood count. You can have a perfectly normal blood count, that looks like this:   While your in depth test could show reds and imbalances on the same day:   This is because the immune system is much more wonderful and…

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Exercise and Resilience

As my alarm clock went off this at 5:30 morning, I immediately had to do some top notch positive self-talk to get over my bad-morning-moment and get motivated for my 6:00 swim training with a friend. Add to that, that today is Friday, and it has been a taxing week. By now I am ready…

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