About Hester Ladewig


Hester Ladewig is a health practitioner, qualified and previously registered as a Naturopathic Doctor in Switzerland and Germany (Heilpraktikerin / Naturärztin) and registered as an Ethno-Medical Practitioner in South Africa.

She has a passion for positively affecting others' health, vitality and quality of life. She achieves this by consulting, teaching via webinars, live talks and writing blogs and articles.

Hester consults from Melkbosstrand, South Africa, and occasionally from Zurich, Switzerland. In her consultations she aims to find the root cause of symptoms or disease that is interfering with quality of life. She does this by taking thorough history and doing relevant testing.

Teaching via webinars and live talks is something she enjoys. She has presented talks on health-related topics in various countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and South Africa.


Hester Ladewig


Hester’s main areas of interest include individual biochemical profiles obtained via:

  • Lab testing (Blood tests, DNA tests, Hair Mineral Analysis and more)
  • Dark field microscopy


To provide the appropriate health solutions she utilises:

  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Phytotherapy
  • Myoreflex therapy
  • Nutrition


She assists people with a great variety of disease conditions, including the following:

Fertility Metabolic syndrome
Impaired fat metabolism (Cholesterol, etc.) Impaired sugar metabolism
Diabetes Chronic pain
Fibromyalgia syndrome Allergies
Liver disease ADHD
Hormonal disorders Migraine headaches
Digestive problems Recurring infections
Bladder infections Vaginal Candida/Thrush
Ear infections Sinusitis
Thyroid imbalances Osteoporosis
Frequent tummy bugs