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Meal timing and intermittent fasting

By Hester Ladewig | Dec 3, 2021
meal timing and intermittent fasting

We often talk about what we should and shouldn’t eat.  But in addition to the effects of what we eat on our health, when we eat has a major influence too. A team of researchers from Germany set out to find out more about the impact of meal timing on ageing and metabolic health. As…

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7 ways to boost your mood

By Embracelife | Nov 16, 2021

1.  Day-night-rhythm Your day-night rhythm and light exposure is closely linked to your mood. Try to live in sync with natural day-night rhythms by reducing bright and blue-white light (including screens) use at night and getting some natural daylight or good blue-white light in the morning. (If you struggle a lot with seasonal affected disorder…

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Exercise and the Immune System

By Hester Ladewig | Nov 10, 2021

Exercise makes you strong, beautiful and agile.  How wonderful to add that it strengthens your immune system and boosts your resistance to disease. A team of researchers from Brazil, published a powerful article in the journal Clinical and Experimental Medicine on the immune system, respiratory viral infection and exercise.  They remind us that acute viral…

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7 habits that can boost your immune system when life gets busy

By Hester Ladewig | Nov 5, 2021

Here are 7 habits that can help your mind and mood and with that your immune system during busy times: 1. Get up earlier to catch-up on work, to-do lists or studies, rather than staying up late. 2. Choose a time where you will switch-off all screens before bed at night. Wind down without screens.…

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7 ways to increase glutathione levels naturally

By Hester Ladewig | Oct 7, 2021

  Glutathione is one of the most powerful health enhancing tools you produce in your own body. With lifestyle habits you can either increase this production or deplete it.   You need glutathione for your immune system to be the superpower it can be. On top of that, glutathione helps to balance inflammatory reactions, supports…

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Thyroid – Finding Balance

By Hester Ladewig | May 22, 2021
Hester Ladewig Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle 2

What a fascinating gland! It is relatively small – about 30g in an adult – but controls so much in the body. Thyreos, meaning shield is a great description since it not only looks a bit like a shield, but also acts like a shield. The thyroid reacts to the smallest changes in the environment…

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Marvellous Muesli Gluten Free

By Embrace Life | Feb 24, 2020

A super simple and easy to follow recipe to make your own marvellous muesli gluten free. Enjoy in the morning for breakfast, served in your favourite way. It also makes for a delicious healthy snack on the go. Ingredients 1 bag/+-400 – 500g of Nairn’s Gluten Free Scottish Oats or any other gluten free oats.…

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Gluten Free Rusks to Rave About

By Embrace Life | Nov 29, 2019

An easy to follow recipe to make your own delicious, gluten free and sugar free rusks. Great as a healthy snack on the go.  Highly nutritious and low in carbs.   Ingredients 1 cup pumpkin seeds 1 cup pecan nuts 1 cup brazil nuts 4.5 cups desiccated coconut 1/4 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder…

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Hobbits don’t get morning sickness

By Embrace Life | Jun 7, 2018

Ginger does not grow in The Shire. There is no ginger tea, ginger biscuits or ginger sweets. Hobbits had to make other clever plans with their pregnancy-related nausea problems. Are you pregnant, desperate due to constant or extreme nausea and tired of hearing about ginger biscuits? Continue to read. The Hobbits have shared their secrets…

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3 Very good  reasons to pay careful attention to what goes into your sunblock

By Jaimi Shields | Oct 19, 2017

IT GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN Your skin is your largest organ. It has blood supply and a lot of what goes onto your skin gets into your blood and is circulated through your whole body. HORMONE DISRUPTORS Most sunblock products on the market contain hormone disruptors as their active ingredients blocking the UV rays for…

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Fertility Decline

By Hester Ladewig | May 22, 2017
Hester Ladewig Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle 2

Struggling with fertility issues? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! How did we manage to get from an average of 100 million sperm per millilitre in young men during the 1940s to an average of 40 million per millilitre nowadays without it being headline news? Why is it that even though in the past is was necessary…

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Where to get really good food and why you should

By Embracelife | Oct 27, 2016

Imagine you could lose weight or change your blood fat profile (e.g. cholesterol) without changing the amount of animal products you eat, but only the diet of the animals. This might sound a bit far-fetched, but it has actually been proven to happen more than once! Studies have been done checking certain health parameters in…

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Seven a Day

By Embracelife | Sep 22, 2016

Seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day has been shown over and over again to improve quality of life and lowering the risk of serious disease conditions, such as cancer and heart disease. Fruit and vegetables contain powerful health promotors in their flavours and colours. Here are some food ideas to help you get…

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Simple Spring Clean to detox your body

By Embracelife | Sep 22, 2016

Spring is a great time to reassess and eliminate some of those bad winter habits that may have snuck in over the last few months. Spring clean your health by doing a simple mini-detox; put some good habits in place for 2 weeks to assist in a better feeling of health and longevity. You will…

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Health benefits of Turmeric/Curcumin

By Embracelife | Sep 7, 2016

Bio–Curcumin By now most have heard about turmeric which contains the active ingredient Curcurmin and its amazing health benefits! You may have also read that in order to benefit from turmeric, that one needs to factor in absorption, this can seem complicated when you read that this involves needing black pepper and oil in order…

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