Health consultations in Melkbosstrand, South Africa

During a first consultation the goal is to get as much of a complete picture of the person's health as possible.

This is done by first thoroughly going through the medical history. Further assessment via examining and looking at a drop of blood together under a microscope (taken from the finger) follows.

Recommendations that might be given, include micronutrients, herbals, food and lifestyle.

The goal is to find underlying causes for what is going on and not only to control symptoms.

Teamwork with other medical specialists is very important. Whenever needed referrals are made.

Further testing is often done if prior testing together with the information from the first consultation is not sufficient. The aim is to get a clear idea of possible underlying imbalances or causes of health problems. (Find out more about tests...)

Follow-up consultations are planned if necessary.

Health consultations in Zürich, Switzerland

Health consultations in Zürich are the same as in South Africa, with the exception that more preparation work is done and follow-ups are long distance or only many months later.

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